Hi there, I’m Vanessa—Lead Mama Bare of the Motherhood Unmasked Podcast.

Are you tired of hiding behind the mask of perfection, fearful of judgment over your struggles in raising your child?

Don’t wrestle with mom guilt and secret overwhelm while trying to prove you have it all together.

Motherhood isn’t about carefully curated images in a social media feed or popularity with your kids. It’s a beautiful ride that’s also murky and messy.

I don’t have it all together either, but as a pediatrician and stay at home mom, I know motherhood is hard enough, so why fake it behind a mask?

Tune in to Motherhood Unmasked, the podcast where I get bare and host real talk about the challenges you face and the courage needed to meet them.

Because the hand that rocks the cradle—impacts generations.

What Moms Are Saying About Motherhood Unmasked…

Naomi Martin, host of Tether Talk podcast

Each of your episodes is a pearl… Seriously. Thank you for taking time to observe, write and share in a way that makes me smile and say “okay Ms. V, help us,” because I do.

This mama is feeling more “fit for the job”. Bless you!

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