The DADDY's Girl Forever Collection

In 2016, I started a journey leading women like you and me, to connect with God as DADDY regardless of the wounds you experienced growing up. And so many resonated with the message!

Then came the 31-day devotional to practice the Father’s love in our daily lives.

And now, there’s DADDY’s Girl Forever THE STUDY JOURNAL!

It’s the perfect companion piece to reflect on the truths shared in DADDY’s Girl Forever and relate them to your experiences for heart healing and life transformation. Use it for individual or group study to grow in your identity as God’s beloved daughter and develop healthy relationships.

This terrific trio is perfect for women and teen girls who (1) struggle with trust issues, or (2) grew up with an absent father or maternal neglect.

And if you like to listen to books while you read it (I do that with my Bible) or you just don’t have time to read through a book as fast as you used to, then the audiobook version is available for you on Audible!

For a FREE copy of DADDY’s Girl Forever and a FREE 30-day trial on Audible, be sure to use this link to receive those benefits.

Let’s be each other’s cheerleaders! Share these resources with the women in your circle. And let’s empower each other to be all God destined us to be.

And remember, no matter your age, being a DADDY’s girl never gets old!



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