DADDY’s Girl Forever

What starved the confidence you need to flourish in your relationships and career?

It has everything to do with the little girl inside you who’s still crying for her daddy.

Your father’s ability to support, protect and love you unconditionally in your childhood affects your resilience, security and confidence today.

In this book, Vanessa gets vulnerable with women wounded by their father’s physical or emotional abandonment, offering insight and healing through the ultimate father-daughter relationship with God.

Through sharing the personal stories of women just like you along with the heart of God in Scripture, DADDY’s Girl Forever reveals the unconditional love, identity, acceptance and security found in embracing God as DADDY.

So what’s keeping you from thriving? It’s time to know God’s heart, so you set safe boundaries for yours.

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What Readers are Saying…

“Whether a woman’s relationship with her father or father figure was loving or lacking, this book offers more—in the hope and healing found in the truth about God’s heart towards you.” – Amazon review

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