Episode 11

Motherhood Unmasked with Vanessa A Harris Episode 11 Let Me Off This Ride

Let Me Off This Ride

Sometimes motherhood is more than you bargained for. Though you do the best you can, you get whiplashed by the rollercoaster called life. In those moments, how do you find and hold on to peace amidst the chaos?


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Episode 11 transcript

If you and I ever go to an amusement park together, I’ll be the one holding your belongings while you ride the roller coaster. I’ll tell you why in today’s episode.

Hello and welcome to the first episode of season 2!

Amusement parks. My family and I love them—Disney, Six Flags—we’ve gone to our fair share. You know, back when it was safe to go to such places.

And while I’m up for the walking, the shows and the rides, I usually pass on roller coasters.

I’ve tried them since I was a teen, but the story is always the same—the sudden lurch, hairpin twists, sudden drops and blind loops leave me regretting my decision.

I spend most of the ride longing for the stability of cement and screaming inside, “Let me off this ride!”

And sometimes motherhood is the same way.

You’re going along minding your business and next thing you know, you’re strapped in a ride you didn’t even stand in line for, holding on for dear life.

And thanks to COVID19 and the decisions of others in response, I found myself contemplating a ride I’d rather pass on—homeschooling.

Now homeschooling is an amazing calling whether for all of primary education or for a season.

It allows you to do more than customize your child’s education to their needs and learning style; homeschooling is a discipleship opportunity for the Christian homeschooler.

And the season my family homeschooled blessed us immensely—because we were called to it.

However, this current predicament threw me for a loop because I hoped the trauma of a nationwide shutdown would push people to do whatever it took to squash the spread and avoid a resurgence of COVID19, but human nature just isn’t that way.

It wants what it wants and will rationalize to high heaven to get its way.

So when the cases rose drastically here in Texas, I like you, had to consider what’s best for MY kiddos—because who else will.

And for us, sending them in the school building was NOT an option. I didn’t need to be the Pediatrician I am to know kids are germ incubators or the impossibility of keeping them 6 feet apart.

So the real issue was whether we’d use the school’s distance learning option or homeschool again.

And I don’t know about you, but overseeing crisis schooling for my children last spring was like giving a presentation you didn’t put together.

The material felt thrown together—understandably. Therefore, I felt thrown together—understandably.

And I knew starting off a new school year like THAT wasn’t going to work.

So, while we waited to hear the solution our school district came up with, we seriously considered homeschooling.

And that was distressing because (1) when I do something, I like to do my best which leads to (2) I’m a planner, and homeschooling isn’t something you just jump up and do.

It requires preparation. Of mindset—for you and your children—and to create some sort of structure for it. And (3) I homeschooled when my kids were in elementary.

The thought of jumping back into homeschooling with an 11th grader, a gifted 10th grader, and a new middle schooler was completely overwhelming!

So I prayed, asking for the wisdom and the willingness to do what God says is best for our family.

I asked a couple friends to pray for us as well.

And a couple days later I woke up prompted to look for our middle school’s FB parent page and join to see if anyone heard anything through the grapevine.

And wouldn’t you know, someone posted the video of a school district meeting regarding funding for teaching software and tech access that quieted my concerns about the quality of the distance learning curriculum going forward.

Is the curriculum adequate? I won’t know until we start using it, but what I heard so far gave me peace. And for that peace I THANKED GOD because you can be as conscientious a mom as possible, but life will have you on a perpetual roller coaster jerking you in all kinds of directions.

Because you share this world with other people who don’t have your child’s best interest at heart.

And as THEY grapple with life, and make self-serving decisions it’s easy to feel like you and your family are completely at the mercy of people.

But you don’t have to live that way.

I’m so grateful God sees and knows just how to address those things that concern me—Things beyond my control.

I don’t know the specifics of how the school year will turn out, but I know who holds my children’s future, and I’m moving forward in the peace only Jesus gives.

So, whatever path you choose to school your children this year, my prayer is you have peace about it. Because you set the tone and atmosphere in your home. And Lord knows this school year, your kids will need the reassurance of your peace—and.so.will.you.

I’m so glad you joined me today.

But this podcast is not just about my thoughts. You have a perspective too—a story of your own about the challenges of motherhood.

If you’d like to share a snippet of your story via a topic or question here on Motherhood Unmasked, tell me about it.

Just leave me a brief voice message on my website at vinelifefaith.com/podcast.

And your voice may be featured on a future episode—because your story matters.

So until next time, remember, when it comes to you being the mother of your children—YOU are the woman for the job! Take care.