Episode 40

The Motherhood Unmasked podcast with Vanessa A. Harris Episode 40 What Season Is It?

What Season Is It?

There’s a pace to your purpose. Read that again.

And when you get too far ahead of yourself—your body, soul, and spirit will let you know.

And in the Season 4 finale, we’re talking about the importance of taking a beat to reset your pace for your current season.

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Homework: Reset Your Pace

Do a personal and family inventory of your pace. What still works? What needs to move to the back burner or off the stove altogether?

I give you permission, friend.

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Episode 40 transcript

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.

Hey there, Mama Bare. Vanessa here with compassion, candor and clarity for you, the mom needing to reset her pace for the season she’s in.
I’m so glad you’re here.
And I’m glad I’m here for this last episode of season 4.
A season that taught me recognizing the importance of pace and when to pivot is as important as walking in purpose.

In episode 39, I mentioned that I’d try to record one more episode before wrapping the season because I found my pace didn’t fit the season I’m in.
And I’d like to unpack that today because it’s totally possible to do the right thing at either the wrong time or at the wrong speed and it cost more than you want to pay.
Pouring into moms is my jam. I enjoyed it as a pediatrician and now as a podcaster.
And getting to sit behind this mic to encourage you during the most bizarre season in our motherhood journey gave me life.

But I had no idea how much the behind the scenes work like engineering the episodes to sound great and writing content to share the episodes on social media impacted me—especially under pandemic circumstances—until I found myself too stressed to connect with my kids the way I’d like.
I started snapping at them for legit, needing their mom. And in this you can have it all culture I had to admit I couldn’t.
Not all at once.
And if you’ve come to that realization too, I want you to know you’re neither alone nor strange.
This one woman show didn’t allow me to show up for you and for my family the way I’d like. Not now.
So, it’s time to reset my pace and pivot—for my own well-being and that of my family.
After a hectic pace the last year, it’s time for me to slow down which is funny to say as the world is opening back up and you’re tempted to regain your old pace.culture,
But the pandemic was too jarring to gloss over or toss aside the lessons you learned. And one thing I appreciate now more than ever, is time.

This week’s homework is setting yours and your family’s pace for the rest of this year.
It doesn’t have to be what it was before 2020 or even during 2020.
But it should be the pace that’s best for you all right now.
And it doesn’t have to match the speed of the family next door or the family on Instagram.
So, if it means putting something on the back burner till a better time—so be it.
Because the reality is, having it all is having it in stages, as the seasons allow.
And just like all crops don’t grow at the same time, you’re not designed to walk in the full expression of who you are all at once.
You’re too multifaceted.
Now you can try and force it, but something always suffers in the end.
And if you have to sacrifice showing up as the best version of you anyway, you may as well sacrifice on your own terms than in response to overwhelm.
So for me, that’s putting the podcast down till a new rhythm allows me to pick it up again.
And no, it’s not an easy decision. But the depression I found myself in this week got my attention and put everything in perspective.
So, do yourself a favor and honor your pace in this season.
Run with endurance the race marked out for you. And know that I’m cheering you on.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but I leave you with this.
When it comes to you being the mother of your children—YOU my friend, are the woman for the job. Take care.