Episode 5

Motherhood Unmasked Episode 5 I Salute You

I Salute You

Mother’s Day brings up a slew of emotions from joy to sorrow, even anger. And the COVID19 pandemic made this Mother’s Day particularly difficult. Maybe you didn’t spend it the way you wanted, but in this episode I share what’s always worth celebrating about you!


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Episode 5 transcript

Sooo, how was your Mother’s Day? I’m going to guess it was a little different than you’re used to—or is that putting it mildly?

We just talked about grief in the last episode and here we are again grieving yet another thing that changed.

And there are many angles that made this Mother’s Day more complicated.

Maybe you spent it without your mom because she passed, whether years ago or recently, and your typical coping mechanisms or ways you honored her weren’t possible because you’re quarantined.

Maybe your mom is sick with COVID19, but you’re not allowed to visit her, and though it’s not your fault, not being there for her colored your Mother’s Day day with a tinge of guilt.

Or maybe she’s alive and well, and to keep her that way you insisted mom stay home while you did the same.

Maybe you don’t have the best relationship with your mom and while the absence of the usual hoopla surrounding the day is welcome, in that quiet you still mourn the mother-daughter relationship that isn’t.

Or maybe your mom lives with you, so you spent the day with her. That’s a blessing to treasure.

And then there’s grieving the way YOU typically celebrate your motherhood.

The things you treat yourself to not because you’re the perfect mom, but because even when it’s hard, you’re present, doing the best you can. And if no one appreciates you, you do.

So no, I didn’t get my Mother’s Day weekend massage. I didn’t get to leave the house for hours and do things just for me.

You didn’t get your hair and nails done or go shopping. And my family didn’t take me out to eat on Mother’s Day after church service. No, I was home, like you, conscious of all that wasn’t.

How you serve, and serve, and serve, especially in this season and with all you sacrificed, couldn’t you have this one day? Really Corona?

And like any loss, I hope you grieved it.

I hope you felt your feelings fully while realizing they didn’t tell the whole story.

Your feelings didn’t tell you what IS.

That your value to the people around your table can’t be measured by an arbitrary date on the calendar any more than it could capture your mom’s importance to you.

And at the end of the day, it’s those very children, the ones you couldn’t escape from, who ARE the blessing.

The fact your kids count on your love and pester you for the answer to their every problem IS the celebration.

It’s the confirmation that even though everything’s not perfect and you’re not perfect, you positively impact their souls.

And that impact honors your mother whether she’s your inspiration or your motivation to do better.

Listen, you can celebrate “Mother’s Day” any day. I know I’ll be rescheduling mine till whenever I can enjoy a massage and dinner out without fearing for my life.

But in the meantime I’m celebrating the love I get to give and receive and I’ll work my pampering in when and how I can.

In this season of simplicity and self-discovery I’m here to say, “Mama you done good.”

You’re seeing your family through an unprecedented time in history. You’ve got it going on girl!

With your roots showing, your actual nails and your bare skin, you’re the rock in your family, setting the atmosphere and tone in your home.

You’ve never been more beautiful and I salute you!

So until next time, remember, when it comes to you being the mother of your children—YOU are the woman for the job! Take care.

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