Episode 7

How Will Your Family Remember Spring 2020?

Moms have more influence than we give ourselves credit. How you frame defining moments sets the tone for how your family responds to them.

Not only do you set the atmosphere in your home, you color how your family remembers life events. More than pictures you frame or place in scrapbooks, it’s the way you speak of the event and the activities you coordinate to commemorate it.

So, how will you put your own spin on Spring 2020?


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Episode 7 transcript

Remember the first time your child fell on her behind while learning to walk? Her reaction depended on your reaction. What if you have the same influence on how she remembers this pandemic?


Welcome. It’s good to have you joining me today!

The past couple months are a giant reminder we can’t control what happens to us.

That reality stands in direct contrast to what most mothers are all about—making and executing plans for our children.

And you had big plans this year!

With kids graduating high school, you or your child graduating college, milestone school year promotions, and spring birthdays—you had it all mapped out.

But then we all had to stay 6 feet away from each other to live to SEE future milestones.

That was a blow to the jaw, but what I love about a mama is your bounce back.

You drew a line in the sand and told Corona not to cross it.

Then you made new plans for virtual birthday parties and drive by graduate celebrations.

Maybe you’re hosting a 12th grade graduation for one at your house like my best friend, or a 5th grade promotion celebration for your daughter like I am.

Because you recognize these occasions only come around once and they deserve the best commemoration possible.

And I encourage you to approach this entire pandemic experience that way.

You get to frame how your family remembers this time, overall.

You do it daily in the small wins you emphasize, the pictures you take while staying home, and like we said in the last episode, the new things you try.

Because if you’re like me you want your kids to remember what they overcame.

That they had to do what life requires: to pivot at a moment’s notice.

And to appreciate that when they did, they survived. The world didn’t fall apart.

In fact, they learned who holds them together when life throws a sucker punch.

So, this week I took pictures of my children learning at home—laptops and cords all over the kitchen. I even snapped one of my husband working from the home office.

And we capped off the week with our own 5th grade promotion ceremony for our daughter.

I made a DIY graduation hat because Amazon Prime 2 Day delivery is NOT happening these days and I wouldn’t have gotten a real hat delivered in time.

So you know how moms do, I got on YouTube, searched how to make one out of poster board, grabbed my glue gun and blinged it out with rhinestones I already had.

My husband played principal as I presented her the all year honor roll certificate she worked hard for.

Then we enjoyed a sheet cake I baked in her honor.

And though my makeshift promotion ceremony wasn’t as grand as what her school normally plans, her achievement matters, and she deserved to have something to look back on and remember.

A tangible marker that she completed a major milestone as she embarked on a new one.

And not only did she get her moment to shine, she saw first hand the resilience of a woman—especially when that woman’s a mama.A life lesson she needs going forward.

That while we can’t control what happens to us, we can control how we characterize it and influence others to do likewise.

How are you framing this unexpected and devastating time in history? What good can you emphasize over all the bad?

What memories will your kids be able to smile about when they look back at the spring of 2020?

What will they believe they can conquer going forward because of what they’re overcoming now?

And how can you shape and document THAT narrative?

We moms are so hard on ourselves but I bet if you stop and think about it, you’ll remember your kind words or gestures that put a positive spin on all the chaos this Spring.

Because as demanding as this pandemic season has been, it’s also forced you to discover new levels of resourcefulness.

Who knows how to take life’s lemons and make lemonade like moms?

And I’d LOVE to hear how you’ve done that.

The ways you’re commemorating milestones and capturing every day moments.

You can find me over on IG at motherhood unmasked podcast.

So remember, as you wrap up the school year and reflect on all your family’s highlights this spring—when it comes to being the mother of your children, YOU are the woman for the job. Take care.

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