Come on in…

Coffee with whipped foam in white coffee cup with saucer

Let’s put our capes down and talk a moment.

You and I have a story to tell. Whether you grew up in a demanding two-parent household like me, you were abandoned by your dad or neglected by your mom—you survived it.

You have the scars to prove it, but you’re also tired.

Tired of having to be strong all the time. Tired of having to look out for yourself. Tired of being “all things” to all people.

And you have a lot to get off your chest.

But who can you be brutally honest with—without judgment? And who will love you just as you are without you having to wear the mask of perfection? And who can free you from the need to prove your worth and ability?

I share about all that and more in my book, DADDY’s Girl Forever: Come Home to the Truth About God’s Heart Towards You.

Because though our stories are different, we have the same need deep down.

And in this book, I share the strength I found in knowing where my worth really lies.

What’s that? You’d rather listen on the go?

Then the audio book is for YOU. And if you’re new to Audible, you get to read my book for free and others for 30 days!

You’re worth this investment…

Because when you change what you believe, you change your life.

And this 31 day devotional, with its conversational style and bite-sized truths mixed with honest personal stories, helps you do just that.

And when you face your hurts, you can move forward in freedom.

There’s something about processing your experiences with pencil and paper that helps change happen faster.

And this study journal, meant to accompany DADDY’s Girl Forever, helps you get to the root of old issues holding you back.

More Journals for Your Journey…

There’s a journal here to meet your needs. If it’s a place to record everyday trials and victories, then Journal from the Heart is for you. This line journal is complete with a Bible verse or faith affirmation at the bottom of every page.

Grieving the passing of a loved one or losing a friendship, your health, your job, a dream, your sense of “normal”—you name it—then the Grief and Loss guided journal helps you honor what you’ve lost with a heart of gratitude.

And if you’re working on you, getting counseling to address mindsets holding you back or coaching to get to the next level, My Reflections Journal: guided post session review is for you. This 8.5×11 journal is perfect for taking notes during the session and recording your takeaways as you later as you process next steps.

All three are available to order on Amazon.

The Motherhood Unmasked Journal

The lined journal giving you the space to get real about the victories and valleys of motherhood. Treat yourself to daily stress relief with just minutes of writing per day!