Hi there…

Vanessa A. Harris, author, and host of the Motherhood Unmasked Podcast

Are you like me?

You want a full life marked by healthy relationships.

You know of Jesus and may even have a wonderful relationship with him, but you struggle to connect with others.

Growing up, your father’s absence screamed, “You’re not worth it.”

And the pain of rejection pushed you to self-protection and perfectionism. Now you expect rejection even while trying to prove you matter to everyone, including God the Father.

He’s the Good Father pastors refer to, but you can’t relate to Him because your father broke your heart.

Or you suffered the silent horror of your mother’s emotional neglect. You saw her and loved her, but she didn’t see you. And if she did, she wanted nothing to do with you.

And since your heart can’t take another hit, you keep God the Father and everyone else at a distance. But that’s left you lost and lonely, with only the lies from your past keeping you company.

Your father didn’t want you, so why would another man? And if your own mother doesn’t love you, nobody will. You’re too much and not enough. You even struggle in friendships with other women. Do you really think you’d make a good mom? Just forget it. You’re better off alone.

And while alone seems safe, it feels empty.

But I know this: God won’t break your heart. He wants to be the Father you never had. And he won’t leave you.

He knows you want more. You want the abundant life Jesus promised. You crave identity, security, and healthy connections.

A loving husband who’s not perfect, but perfect for you. The ability to nurture your children with the intention and care you missed. Genuine friendships marked by mutual support.

If it happened for me, it’s possible for you.

If you’re open to better. I can help.

But getting to know each other takes time, so let me introduce myself.

And when you’re ready to address the thoughts you’ve believed over the years. Just know if they’re not true or cause anything but peace, they need to go.

It’s never too late to reset the thoughts controlling your life, and I have just some gifts to get you started.

Because what you believe changes everything.

And since you only go as far as your thoughts take you, isn’t it time to think about what you’re thinking about?

Then click the link to get this complimentary 3 page pdf to make sure your thoughts set you up to flourish in every area of your life!

The Abide Devotional: 31 meditations to rest in the life and love of Jesus

They say it takes 30 days to change a habit.

How about 31 days to change your life by meditating through John 15 using the Abide Devotional?

31 short but powerful meditations through each verse of John 15 ground you in two things that are eternal: the life and love of Jesus.

Let this be the month you grow closer to the abundant life God planned for you.

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