Meet Vanessa

I’m Vanessa, a girl from the Bronx, found by God’s grace—and learning to live by it.

You may say this pediatrician, turned stay at home mom — doing this thing called life with my awesome husband and kids, probably has no business blogging.  Well, Jesus invited me to express myself beyond the limits of a prescription pad and a to-do list — and I couldn’t resist.  It’s like that with me and Jesus, though.

Blogging takes me way out of my comfort zone, completely dependent on Jesus.  That’s just where He wants me, and all of us, really.  That sweet spot, where we depend on His undeserved and inexhaustible love and goodness towards us.

I write this blog because living by grace isn’t easy for me.  It’s contrary to every message out there in the world and, sadly, to what I’d heard in church most of my life.  But it’s what Jesus came to give us, because every single one of us needs it.  I write to change the tape playing in my mind, to remind myself that what Jesus did for me really is enough.

I don’t have anything to prove.

If you could use reminding of that too, I encourage you to sign up and hang out on the Vine with me.  I’m so glad you stopped by!


Grace and peace,

7 thoughts on “Meet Vanessa”

  1. My name is Linda. I recently read your book Vanessa; Daddy’s Girl Forever. This book intrigued me so much, because some things you said I have experienced in my life. The part your father not being their for you when hurting for so many years, I experienced that too. I’m still learning how to let my lord and Savior hold my hand through good and bad times. As I read your book over and over, I know it will help me trust in my daddy too. Thank you for writing it and please write more.

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