For You…

They say it takes 30 days to change a habit.

How about 31 days to change your life by meditating through John 15 using the Abide Devotional?

A 31-day devotional featuring:
—stunning images
—short, powerful meditations through each verse of John 15
—and a simple prayer grounds you in two things that are eternal: the life and love of Jesus.

Let this be the month you grow closer to the abundant life God planned for you.

Download the ebook now. It’s my gift to you.

Need help to pray for your children?

Don’t we all—especially in these crazy times? Download the one sheet template that makes praying for them much easier.

10 Power Thoughts for Moms

Beautiful photos and empowering quotes for the mom in need of a boost. Because momming is tough sometimes and you need to encourage yourself.

Something on your mind?

A lined journal to pour out your heart and process your thoughts with an affirmation or scripture verse on every page.

The Motherhood Unmasked Tee

For mamas who keep it real! Available in signature purple and more on Amazon.

Shop other designs HERE.

For Connection…

Join me, Mama Bare.

Did you ask, “Who’s a Mama Bare?” She’s a mom, like you, unmasked and unapologetic in admitting motherhood is tough and appreciates conversation that honors that.

So, join me for exclusive support, empowering the best version of you as a mom.

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For Family and Home…

Stretched thin managing your child’s distance learning?

Download the top 3 practical tips for your virtual learning family so that your kids have a successful school year, you get work done and everyone stays sane.

The Family Chore Chart

What I call the best self-care for savvy moms like you!

Books to heal the wounded girl in you…

DADDY’s Girl Forever

Your father’s ability to support, protect and love you unconditionally in your childhood impacts your resilience, security and confidence today.

Vanessa addresses women wounded by their father’s physical or emotional abandonment and offers healing through the ultimate father-daughter relationship with God.

The Devotional

This devotional is the perfect accompaniment to DADDY’s Girl Forever. Conversational in style, each day contains bite-sized truths mixed with personal stories, exploring how God sees you, what He says about you, and all He’s given you in Jesus.

The Study Journal

In it Vanessa created another timeless and transformational work that will take you on a deeply personal journey of discovering your true identity as God’s daughter.

Packed with scriptures and questions for honest introspection, Vanessa guides you toward examining and discovering the full picture of the Father’s unfathomable love for you. It is in that space of introspection and discovery where this study journal becomes a life changing work.