The Fallacy of Perfection: Don’t Fall for It

A golden sunrise, turquoise waters revealing toes on a white sandy bottom, a kelly green manicured lawn, even a dozen smooth eggs in a carton. All images of perfection that give a sense of ease. Perfection gets a bad rap, but when you find it you find its completeness comforting.

Maybe that’s why seven is the number of perfection and completion in Scripture.

Don't fall for the temptation to be perfect, but if you do, I know a Savior.

Here’s the thing. Those images I described, as beautiful as they, are aren’t perfect because they’re part of a fallen world brought about by two people who fell reaching for perfection.

…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God… Romans 3:23

And thanks to them we still hanker for it, though painfully aware we don’t have it. The perfection we desire is in God’s glory. And because we fall short of it, He sent His Son to save us.

When we reach for the mark of perfection and miss it, because we will, Jesus swoops down to catch us while falling. Jesus saves.

Salvation from eternal hell is grace and miracle enough, but every day Jesus saves you from yourself. Calling you to rest in His perfection instead of striving for your own.

So, don’t fall for the fallacy of perfection, but if you do, Jesus will save you.