FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 22

I watched a YouTube video today that fascinated me. Two intelligent, creative millennial women, best friends, discussing how they navigated a break down in their friendship. I thoroughly enjoyed their banter—well most of it.

One of the ladies said friends are just for listening and cheering your on. They’re not there to coach. And at first, I thought she meant friends aren’t supposed to “fix” each another, but as she elaborated I realized she believed friends should silently watch and listen as each other go through things unless it’s to encourage.

I totally disagree with that.

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. Proverbs 27:17

The only way iron sharpens iron is rubbing them together. Sometimes it’s the simple rubbing together of fellowship, other times it’s the friction of challenge. Either way, they make each other sharper, better.

I lived that truth before I ever met Christ. My friends are the ones who cheer loudest for me, yet have the courage to say in love, “Girl what are you doing? What are you talking about?”

Needing a “yes man” to dump all your troubles on and expect only warm fuzzies in return is immaturity, insecurity, pick which one you like.

I’m grateful…

I thank God for true friends to do life with. When I think of it in terms of a team dynamic, a good friend is a fellow player who also serves as cheerleader and coach as the need arises. But they are NEVER spectators.

Maybe it’s a difference in generational mindset, but why would I need someone to silently watch me fall or worse yet cheer me on while I’m going down?


Focus on Gratitude:

What does friendship look like to you?

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