So, About This Egg on My Face

Vanessa Samuel invited me to a blog party, hosted by Carole Sparks—but I showed up late. So late, it was over. The blog party link expired. No big deal. I related to her post so much, I left her a comment to say so. Carole welcomed me to leave a link to the post I would’ve shared in her party post’s comments section.

Now I knew how to make clickable links plenty of places, just not in other blog’s comment sections. It’s frowned upon, unless requested. And I wanted my link to be clean and clickable. So, I did what we all do—I googled it. And I found several sources sharing the same html code. I followed the directions to the letter, but couldn’t get it to convert to a link. The code sat there mocking me.

I thought when I entered the html code into the comments section and hit enter, it would convert to the clickable link. But it didn’t. And I didn’t want to hit post comment and have a ridiculously long URL of gibberish on Carole’s post. I’d look amateurish, heaven forbid.

So, I emailed Vanessa S. for help, but she hadn’t done it before either. And I’m thinking, this is ridiculous. I’ve formatted a self-published book, but can’t figure this out. I don’t want to comment back to Carole, “Thanks, but I don’t know how to do it.” I’d make a fool of myself.

When I thought about what I was thinking about, I laughed at myself.

I wanted assurances that the code would work before I hit “post comment.” And I couldn’t have that any more than I can have it in my walk with Jesus. He doesn’t roll out the whole plan up front. He just says, “Come follow Me.” And who told me I get to keep my learning curve and the mistakes I make along the way private?

So, I entered the code, hit post comment and voila—it became a clickable link!

Yet another reminder of what Vine Life Faith is about—going with the flow of the Holy Spirit and trusting Jesus for the outcome. And if I get a little egg on my face in the process, who cares? I’ve met someone new and I have nothing to prove.

Grace and peace,

P.S. Feel free to check out these ladies blogs. I’ve linked them above 😉