It’s a new year in a new season and I’m doing a new thing. I’m laying aside writing regular posts and podcasting in order to focus in on the new thing the Lord invited me to do. And in typical God fashion, He didn’t give me the long view, just the very next step.

When your hands are full, it’s hard to get a good grip on anything.

Vanessa A. Harris

And while I understand letting go of past things to lay hold of what’s ahead (shout out to the Apostle Paul), I have to be willing. So, I’m excited to see where He’s taking me.

Lord knows the last 10 years have been full of new between books, a podcast for moms, a YouTube prayer channel, and the varied themes of this blog—all of them His leading. And whether you’ve been here for all or part of it, I thank you for your company, especially your comments along the way.

And as someone who recently turned 50, I encourage you to stay open to every new thing the Lord wants to do in, through, and for you. His plans for you are always good and an adventure—at any age.

I’m rooting for you…

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