The Unexpected Gift of Marriage

Michelle McKinney is the founder of Dreams Unleashed where she helps women discover, define, and confidently live out their God-given dreams. She creates strategies that push past fear, lack of resources and time so women can live their most authentic life. Michelle and her husband, Tony, reside in Maryland and have 4 children.

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When I think back to my high school and college years, I wasn’t really that chick looking for the doting husband, two kids, a picket fence and a dog—okay, well maybe the dog. No, my dream, my vision involved a husband who traveled extensively, a shared condo where we’d see each other now and then, and, yes, the cute little pup who doted on me.

My mind relentlessly pursued the corporate track and nurturing a family just wasn’t in the cards I laid out for myself. I guess my version of what family would look like, cultivated from growing up with an absentee father. I knew my dad loved me, though thousands of miles away, but his absence from my life affected my view of a man’s love.

Don’t count on it, because it’s just not reliable.

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Enjoy Your Meal

“Enjoy your meal.”  Those words are music to my ears, especially when it’s something I’ve eaten before and I know is yummy!

One of my pet peeves is getting called away from my meal.  My children know, if there’s something they need me to do, they need to ask before I sit down to enjoy my meal (or before it’s served) or wait till after I’m done.  Now that they’re older, it’s not so much an issue, though my 6-year-old still has a habit of waiting till the server brings my meal to tell me she needs to go to the bathroom!

 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies…Psalm 23:5

table of food

As particular as I am about physical food, feeding on God’s Word is even more important.  Christians are merely branches of the True Vine called to rest in Jesus and what He’s done.  It’s a life of faith, but faith requires feeding.  Faith food is God’s Word and He’s prepared choice morsels for a restful, victorious life, as He fights our battles.

You live this vine life seated at the table of God’s Word. 

If you’re like me, you’re bombarded daily with issues designed to pull you away from your restful position.  The enemy uses these stressful situations to provoke us to get up from rest and DO something about whatever concerns us.  He knows exactly what buttons to push and I’ll admit I’ve fallen for them often.  The Lord showed me the key to victory in Psalm 23.

Stay seated.

Don’t get up from His table.  Stay seated and keep enjoying God’s food, even while the enemy is in your face taunting you.  Feed your faith in the presence of your enemies.  If you move from faith into flesh, you’ll have to win the battle.  If you sit and feed your trust in the Lord, you’ll see Him fight your battles and utterly overwhelm them.



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