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Vanessa Samuel is a wife and a mother. She’s constantly putting down roots and pulling them up again, but the LORD has been her Rock through it all. Through her blog, she hopes people discover the beauty and wonder found in Scripture, and its Author.

guest post by Vanessa Samuel

Eight years of marriage and I’ve stayed home to care for my family the entire time, because God called me to. It’s been hard because I’m an extrovert. Seeing results excites me and people recharge me! I find value in being appreciated and needed by people. But the last two years God’s been helping me find contentment where I’m needed now—at home.

Last June we moved to a new city for my husband’s job. To make friends, I went to a ladies’ lunch at a local church. The Lord used two women there, Monica and Karen, to impact my life in ways I didn’t expect.

At the luncheon, Monica, feeling prompted by the Holy Spirit, told me I shouldn’t get involved in any ministry at church this year. But over the past six years, in the two states we’ve lived, I enjoyed serving in the Children’s and Women’s Ministries, attending Bible studies, and serving in Sunday School, as often as they asked. So, I didn’t like what Monica had to say!

Serving people gave me validation and identity.

I’m grateful the Lord used Monica, who I now consider a very dear mentor. We’ve grown together, having Bible study in my home. God knew that’s all my schedule would allow.

Our younger son, diagnosed with Autism two years ago, needed to re-start therapy we discontinued because of the move. My husband and I decided we’d prioritize his therapy for at least two years. This meant staying home to accommodate his re-scheduled sessions. We’re up to 30 hours of therapy per week!

My family needed me home.

In December, nearly six months after finding joy and contentment as a stay-at-home-mom, I saw incredible results in my son. He made more eye contact, he showed and asked for affection, expressed his wants, followed some directions, and had fewer and more manageable meltdowns!

I’m overwhelmed by God’s goodness. He loves my son more than my husband and I ever will.

Now Karen moved away shortly after we met, but came back this past April for a short visit with family. I debated telling her about my son’s diagnosis, until I felt compelled to. Turns out Karen is the same kind of therapist who works with my son. She told me children whose parent/s participated in their sessions made more progress, faster than those who didn’t. Her encouragement strengthened me.

I didn’t expect I’d still be home raising my kids, eight years into our marriage. I thought once my husband’s hours normalized, I’d go back into the work force. And I expected that three years ago.

But God has other plans for me. He’s teaching me how to love my husband passionately, show my children patience, and be present in the daily minutiae of family life. I’m learning to wholly depend on Him for my identity, validation, and
reason for being.

He may not call you to stay home, but I encourage you to trust Jesus in whatever He calls you to do. He knows you intimately and carved out a path just for you. Follow wherever He leads you, confident you are known, loved, and cherished.

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