Detour to Disaster!

Some families thrive in chaos.  We thrive on structure.  For some of us it’s merely a matter of temperament, we’re naturally comforted by “knowing” what to expect.  For others, the routine provides focus.  So what happens when there’s a break in routine, like an early morning dental appt…chaos!  Well, our version anyway.  Today was a complete mess, filled with frustration and yelling and very little learning.

Now, as a military family in particular, we’ve had plenty experience with change.  You would think we’d know how to go with the flow better.  Honestly though, I think it was just one of those perfect storm moments.  So I’m letting go of the “wasted” day and nasty attitudes and looking forward to tomorrow’s learning opportunities and new mercies.  And I am MOST thankful that grace is, by definition, undeserved, unmerited favor because I sure need it!