Lord Jesus, this is the day that You have made, and we are trying to rejoice and be glad in it. It takes more effort these days because the days run together.

It’s harder to tell one day from the next during this quarantine.

We hear the same news day after day. We face the same grief of loved ones lost yesterday and the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Will my job survive this? How long will I be unemployed? Will my kids go back to school this year and what happens next school year?

And all that swallows up the gift called Today.

The one You prepared for us to enjoy. So, we ask You for grace. Grace to stay in today—because today’s grace is all You give.

When tomorrow comes, so will its own issues.

And we are just not built to handle tomorrow’s problems today. So, Lord, help us conserve our strength.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Give us a word to cling to today—a word to sustain us and keep us sane.

Jesus, be the lamp to our feet and the light to our path. For too long we lived believing we made our own way. This pandemic robbed us of that delusion.

It is clear we’re completely dependent on You.

And that is the safest place to be. So, while it is today, we won’t harden our hearts to You.

We accept your invitation to enter your rest, confident You will perfect what concerns us. Surely your arm is not too short to save nor your ear too dull to hear!

So, we’ll take this one day at a time.

It’s in your faithful name, Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.

  Inspired by Matthew 6:34
Here at Vine Life Faith, we pray God’s Word to experience God’s will because His words are the only ones He’s obligated to keep. While we pray inspired by a particular verse, the prayer references multiple verses as the Lord leads. You’re welcome to share this prayer and if it blesses you or someone you know—say so in the comments below. God bless you!

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