Often that’s the response from a sincere person excited about some wonderful news you just shared. But sometimes, it’s the sarcastic response of someone tired of hearing about yet another thing going right for you amid their misery.

But I’m not talking about either of those scenarios.

This “good for you” is to put you on notice that contrary to your past predicaments or present circumstances, the plans God has are good for you!

And I get it.

You’re coming off a crappy year, in so many ways, on top of a tragic childhood, or a tricky divorce, or a terrible season raising your kids and you’re having a heck of a time figuring out how any good can come of it.

I feel you. I’m there—often. And it’s a humbling place because it reminds me of the same thing every time: that’s another on a long list of things I don’t know, and can’t figure out—because I’m not in control.