FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 9

“You’re not allowed to share your thoughts. You’re not allowed to express your emotions. What will people think?”

We’ve all heard those messages, but women own them as the rule of life. Rules not based in truth because Jesus never uttered them. And He is the truth.

Jesus removes masks and probes behind tough exteriors to expose the truth of where we are, so He can speak truth to who we are.  Sometimes He does it during our quiet study time, sometimes through a sermon and sometimes through small group members.

I’m grateful…

There’s power in small group ministry. Where we take off our masks and makeup and show our scars, even our gaping wounds.

We got real again today. Speaking freely, expressing overwhelming emotions, releasing toxic guilt. And Jesus responded to our vulnerability with grace and truth, instead of shame and condemnation.

God met His daughters in the faces of each other and He is beautiful.


Focus on Gratitude:

Do you do small groups?

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