Dorothy Got It Right

Last week in the midst of torrential downpours and rising flood waters, our family moved into our new home!

I’ve written before about our life in the military and my efforts to make every place we’ve lived fee like home.  Along with that, whether owned or rented we taught the kids to keep home and care for it like it was ours.  It was a lot easier for the kids to “buy into” when they were younger; they had relatively fewer things to keep tidy than they do now.

Now that our boys are pre-teens, you can imagine how difficult it’s been to get them to keep their bedrooms, bathroom —and bodies clean, for that matter (there’s nothing like the smell of boy—Jesus knows).  None of my pleas or rants made a difference.  So I put on my pediatrician hat and just chalked it up to normal development for that stage.

But something happened when we moved into this home.  Our ‘for real’, ‘plant roots real deep’ home, because we’re retired from the military and ‘we’ll be here for many years to come’ home.  From day 1, the boys made…their…BEDS.  I mean made them, not just pulled the comforter up over a ball of sheets.  There were no paper scraps or junk littering their bedroom floors.  They ORGANIZED their closets and decorated their dressers and side tables just so.  All this without a word from me.

Who ARE these boys and where were they last week, never mind the last 3 years?

So, after complimenting them I asked them, why the drastic change?  They fumbled for words, then my daughter piped up.  I can always count on her to break it down.  She came the closest to expressing what the Holy Spirit already told me.

They’re finally HOME.

They know that their room is theirs and this house is theirs, not someone else’s they’re borrowing for a few years.  And true, children sort of take better care of what’s theirs than someone else’s, but my children are also grateful.  They mention often how much they love this beautiful home the Lord blessed us with (and we’ve lived in some nice homes), but their invested in this one because this really is it for us, and “there’s no place like home.”

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