Family Fun Time

Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

It started with dinner at IHOP last night.  It’s an annual tradition dating back to my oldest starting Kindergarten, since we don’t do Halloween.  This morning we split into groups: hubby and the boys went to a family friend’s playoff football game; the little lady and I went shopping followed by lunch.

The funny thing is that was not my plan at all.  Saturday is my usual “me” day when I do my thing…SOLO.  I’m rather fond of Saturdays so when my daughter asked 3 days ago when we were going to split up into guys and gals, I blew her off with a “we’ll see.”  I told you I’m serious about those few hours of solitude per week!  She even followed up by asking if it could be this weekend.

Well my husband tells me at dinner last night he’s taking the boys to the game and asked if he would have little miss as well.  Laughing to myself, I said she’d hang with me for a bit.  Can you say, “Excited?”  She could!  On our way out, I asked her if she realized what she hoped for came to be.  She beamed.

“Did you ask Jesus to make it happen?”
She sincerely replied, “No.”
“Isn’t Jesus sweet to give you your heart’s desire, and you didn’t even ask Him?”
“Yeah, He’s so cool!

I love opportunities to remind my children they have a relationship with the Living God, not a religion.