FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 10

I mentor a bright young lady at a local middle school. Not the one my children go to because that would be horrifying—maybe on both our ends.

When I met my mentee, she was shy, withdrawn and a tad defensive. Everything overwhelmed her, and her body language screamed I quit. She’d been through so much in her short life, so I really couldn’t blame her. But to my mentee’s credit, she requested a mentor, so she still had hope.

But by the end of last school year, her grades tanked and her attitude went with it, which didn’t leave me confident when the counselor asked if I would continue the program this year.

Maybe I’m not the one to get through to her. But something someone wouldn’t let me quit on her and at our first meeting this school year, He rewarded my faith.

Smiling. Talkative. Bubbly even. Turns out she heard what I said to her, but the words needed time to take root, and she needed to know I wouldn’t bail on her when things got messy.

I’m grateful…

I get to invest in the future of a child I didn’t give birth to. We only meet once a week for an hour, which seems inconsequential, but makes a huge difference. And to see her setting goals this week—priceless!


Focus on Gratitude:

Have you considered mentoring a child?

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