FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 2

Recently I attended women’s event featuring Priscilla Shirer. Man! I love her ministry and I feel like we’re friends, but I digress.

Speaking from the disciples’ perspective concerning Jesus feeding the five thousand, she encouraged begged us to take our little (our five loaves and two fish) and put it in Jesus’ hands. That summary doesn’t do her message justice, but it was a timely word. So timely, it explained the hell I caught all that day, meant to discourage me from attending.

Then last night I came across a Facebook Live making a similar point, by another preacher. It rounded out Priscilla’s message—that extra something I still needed.

I’m grateful…

Jesus drives His point home. He knows we’re mere mortals, that we live by every word He speaks, and that faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing.


Focus on Gratitude:

Have you ever needed Jesus to repeat Himself in different ways before it sank in?

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