Therapeutic Writing

I’m a journal fanatic! They’re stashed all over my bedroom and closet. And they’re chock full of whatever I want to say, because they’re the only place safe to do it. Journals don’t have feelings.

This is why I recommend journaling often to my podcast listeners. Mamas play therapist for everyone in the family. We need a place to put our feelings too.

And in case you’re wondering, because I do get asked. Aren’t you afraid someone might read your journal—heaven forbid your children after you pass away? No! If you read my journal, you do so at your own risk!

Journal writing is therapeutic. I say what I need to say there, so I hopefully don’t say the raw version to someone else. It’s also where I record answered prayers and victories I never want to forget.

But as well as journaling has served me, I came to a point where I needed help rooting out thoughts and feelings that don’t serve me well.

My counselor is amazing. It’s like counseling with a coaching twist, but I’m a note taker. And writing out session notes on looseleaf was not working for me. I also didn’t want to write them in my regular journal. Counseling notes are a whole different vibe—you know what I mean? Plus, I wanted my notes organized in a way that gave structure without being restrictive.

I had a vision of what I needed. A journal that suits you whether you’re receiving counseling or coaching. But I didn’t feel like searching around for one that might work, so I designed one myself! I already had my general journal, Journal from the Heart. It’s the one I use now. It has Bible verses and faith affirmations at the bottom of each page.

6×9, lined

But for therapy or coaching sessions, I created My Reflections Journal: Guided Post-Session Review. You can take notes in it during sessions so you capture your thoughts and aha moments. After the session, there’s space for you to record takeaways you need for next steps. And there’s plenty of space to write in this large journal.

8.5×11, lined

During my sessions, I’ve learned I have a lot to grieve. Is there anyone who doesn’t have something to grieve from the last 18 months—never mind a lifetime in a fallen world! Well, I designed a journal for that too. My Journey Through Grief and Loss: Personal Reflections recognizes all grief is not over the death of a loved one. You lose friendships, jobs, hope, time—you name it. And you need a place to honor who or what you’ll miss in a way that sparks gratitude as you hold on to cherished memories. (And if you need help with your grieving process, I highly recommend Katherine Barner’s book, God Help Me, I’m Grieving: Finding Healing After Loss.)

6×9, lined

Because up till now, my personal journal held all the things. And that’s perfectly fine—worked for me for decades. But if you’d like to segment how you record your journey, these offerings get you off to a great start. All three journals are available on Amazon.

Happy healing and writing!