I THANK GOD for his hand on your life. For the way he created you and where he uniquely positioned you in the continuum of time.

I THANK GOD for your gifts and talents and how your personality lends itself to the beautiful expression of what makes you—you.

I THANK GOD for the people he’s placed in your path along your journey. Some meant you well, some did not, but all played a role in your development and destiny.

I THANK GOD for every tear you cried, used to water the harvest of joy to come. God wastes nothing concerning you.

I THANK GOD for the people he’s given you favor with now and in the future. People who sharpen you as much as you sharpen them. People who lift your arms in victory even when you’re weary and lift you in prayer when you’re worn.

I THANK GOD for every door he’s opened and will open for you. Every opportunity he provides to display his glory in and through you.

And I also THANK GOD for every door he’s closed. The one’s you weren’t yet ready for and the one’s that won’t ever be for you.

I THANK GOD he loves you too much to allow the schemes of man or devils to derail you from the specific plans and purposes he’s spoken over your life—both for your fulfillment and for his name’s sake.

I THANK GOD that though it may not yet appear to you or to others what you shall be, you will be revealed at the appointed time. And the discovery will be worth the wait.

I THANK GOD for the weight of his presence. The glory I sense as I write these words to you. And I thank God for the weight your life carries in the lives of others.

I THANK GOD—for you.

I thank my God every time I remember you.

Philippians 1:3 NIV

I’m rooting for you!


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