From Glory to Glory

In my book, I refer to the disappointments in my father’s and my relationship. I did so to make the point that while our fathers may let us down, DADDY God never will. As I also mentioned, I admire my dad and am proud to be his daughter.

There are so many nuggets of wisdom he’s given me that have informed the women I’ve become. One of them is that your children should have more than you had. It was a simple statement encapsulating his fatherhood “mandate.” When it was all said and done, he wanted to be able to say he provided more for his kids than his parents provided him. “That’s the point of having kids,” he said. That concept burned in my mind and the Lord took it further.

What’s the point of providing them more?

So they will go farther and higher. Jesus said, in essence, to His disciples, “greater works will you do (see John 14:12).”  That’s what my husband and I believe for and tell our children.

They need to know God takes generations from glory to glory. We’re pouring into them and as God works in the good ground of their lives, He’ll do greater works through them and display greater glory in them.

I thank my dad for speaking words of wisdom that will impact our family for generations.



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