Labor of Love


“I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser.” John 15:1




When you think of a vineyard, say in Napa Valley, what word comes to mind?  Is it romance?  Makes sense.  It is the backdrop of many a romance novel.

But beyond the obvious context of romance, what about the work of a vineyard.  It speaks of romance in its own way.  So much time and tending and patience is required of a vinedresser.  You certainly don’t plant a vineyard if you’re looking for a quick turnaround.  It takes three years of constant attention to grow a decent crop of grapes!  You grow grapes because you look forward to the fruit and you love the process.

Jesus refers to His Father as the vinedresser.  DADDY God tends to us, the branches of Jesus, the true vine.  What does that tell me about DADDY God?  His heart is attentive, gentle, and patient as He lovingly cares for us, anticipating fruit in due time. He’s not frustrated by the process; in fact, it’s a labor of love.  How romantic!

How Will They Hear….

I think about how many times I repeat the. same. thing. to my kids every day.  Everyday.  I can’t stand it!  At least that’s what I say, over and over (sigh)!

Human beings are curiously deaf except, of course, to things lacking edifying value. Isn’t the wondrous grace of God displayed in how often He repeats Himself to us?  Faith, after all, comes by hearing and Jesus, Himself, lamented those “slow of heart to believe.”  What did He do with those bewildered believers traveling Emmaus Road?  He went from Genesis to the Prophets, revealing Himself in it all!  He rose from the dead and had to preach the SAME message again!

Is it any wonder then that, I, a steward over His children find myself in repetitions’ cycle?  When I think of my slowness to hear in some areas, I appreciate God’s abundant grace and plentiful patience. Out of this grace received, I extend to my children. I pray!

Romans 10:17

Luke 24:13-27