Emotions Have Purpose!

Just saw “Inside Out” with the family. What a timely movie release!

Our latest move has been somewhat of a nightmare, so we could totally relate to Riley’s, the protagonist, cascade of emotions. It reminded us there is purpose in every emotion. They work together to connect us to one another, if we have the right perspective. 

That brings me to the difference between our experience and Riley’s: we’re able to process emotions through the reality of the cross. Emotions can draw believers closer to Christ, as well. The truth about what Jesus did for us there, and what we have because of Him informs the validity of our emotions at any point in time.   

Truth allows us to switch tracks and find joy in the midst of a frustrating situation, like the fact that our household goods still haven’t left the state we just moved from!  Thank God for long time friends who insisted we ditch the hotel and stay with them so we’d feel at home. 

We have felt the gamut of emotions our first week here in our new state, but our relationship with Jesus grounds us and our empathy for each other both unites and encourages us.