FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 18

Fifth place.

It’s where my middle child finished in his last two cross-country meets. He always aimed for first so fifth place irked him. And because he’s a high achiever that concerned me.

He improved ten place finishes from last season. Did he realize the accomplishment in that?

Yesterday was district, the final meet of this year’s season. Previous meets involved only five middle schools. All 18 run against each other in District.

My son said he felt good about his finish, but I could see his wheels turning. So, I reminded him since he’s put in the training, it’s time to get out of his head, pray and run his race. But those wheels didn’t slow.

Despite a muddy course and a chill in the air, he finished 4th  overall! A major achievement since every school’s top 25 competed. That’s a whole rack of boys!

I’m grateful…

My son recognized his accomplishment. He wanted the win but felt content he ran his personal best. Our high achiever put things in proper perspective. Besides, he beat the kid who won district last year. How sweet is that?


Focus on Gratitude:

How do you help your children keep “winning” in perspective?

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