Out of the Mouths of Babes

I couldn’t do it.  Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t put on that blasted super mom cape today.  It’s overrated and it chokes me after a while.  After the mess that was yesterday and  sleeplessness since 3:30 this am, I needed a time out.  Just some quiet time to recover and regroup.

Gathering the few brain cells that had any energy, I drastically minimized the school day content and my involvement in it.  After an unscheduled errand to replace a computer mouse, that also called it quits, we returned for lunch.  I ate in my office relishing the solitude when in walks my newly minted 5-year-old baby girl (this is the only place left I can call her that).

She proceeded to ask if my being alone had something to do with her and eloquently expressed her confusion about people needing time alone because she never likes to be alone.  A small part of me wanted to show her the door, but the better part of me marveled again at the difference in verbal ability between most boys and girls!  She expressed herself with great thought and deliberation and concluded by asking me to do something with her because I am her “best mommy” (that always tickles me).  How awesome that she is so in touch with her needs and feelings at her age!

What’s a “best mommy” to do but grab her cape, sit with her daughter and make a bead necklace and then a Doc McStuffin puzzle.  After that, I declared naps all around.  I sure needed one and with football practice tonight I’m sure the boys could benefit from one as well.

Thank God for the mouths of babes and new days with new mercies (fresh grace)!