Remember Mom: Your Kids Still Need You On Your Post

This Memorial Day we remember the fallen soldiers who died fighting for freedom here and abroad. As the wife of a now-retired serviceman, the significance of the day isn’t lost on me.

But today I’m talking to another group of fallen soldiers, mothers who don’t remember how much their kids still need them.

When your children are little it’s obvious you’re important to them. They can’t do anything for themselves and need you for everything. And yes, you love them, but that 24 hour on call is draining.

And while watching them grow up and need you less and less is heartbreaking in some ways, it’s sweet in other ways.

They dress themselves, feed themselves, and entertain themselves, and you get to look after yourself for a change. You sleep a little later, take a little longer in the bathroom, and even squirrel away a few uninterrupted moments doing something YOU love.


You're not a meal ticket, a taxi, or an ATM. You're a mother and how you mother shapes generations. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Remember Mom: Your Kids Still Need You.

Yeah, I admit it, those self-sufficient years are pure bliss …