I see you picture from the Seen Known Loved Always article

Seen, Known, and Loved Always

My daughter is our youngest child and the only girl. And for some reason, she thinks her demographics—being the youngest and the only daughter—puts her at risk of invisibility. Her brothers would argue the exact opposite!

But her fear leads to her all sorts of antics usually involving made up illness. You know, complaining of a combination of symptoms that don’t go together and don’t have the physical signs to corroborate. And as a pediatrician, I find it amusing sometimes, but irritating most times.

She’s done it often enough that her youngest older brother responds a particular way. He bends down to look her in the eyes and says, “We see you. We always see you. And we love you.”

And if I’m honest, I’ve felt like her before.

Not like I was literally invisible, more unseen or ignored. And even if seen, not understood. And people in that boat are always the trickiest to love and to feel loved.