Seven years ago, I published a book that transforms the way women view God as Father and, by default, how they view themselves. They are women who enjoy or are open to a relationship with Jesus, but get tripped up in their experience of God as Father.

They, like you, never knew the disconnect had to do with their distant, dysfunctional, or non-existent relationship with their own father.

And by reading this book, they not only make the connection between their father’s absence and the lack of identity and security playing out in their personal and professional relationships. They also learn how connecting with God as Father reconnects them to the masterpieces he designed them to be.

And on this 7th anniversary of the release of DADDY’s Girl Forever, I’m talking to women who’ve “canceled” God the Father either knowingly, based on misinformation about him, or subconsciously, based on negative experiences that misrepresented him.

The truth is God loves you and longs to look after you because his plans for you are good.

As a woman transformed by the message of DGF, I invite you to come home to the truth about God’s heart towards you. Come home to the identity, security and resilience only a perfect Father can give. Both the little girl in you and the best version of you are counting on it.

If listening to books is your thing, the audiobook version, read by me, is also available here.

I’m rooting for you,

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