Anchored in a certain hope because of a faithful God.

Father, we come to You today grateful for your character. We’re thankful that your word is your bond. You cannot lie and You accomplish everything just as You purpose to.

While people swear by your name, to convince themselves and others, they’ll do what they promise—You swear by yourself. There is no one greater than You to swear by and You don’t need anyone to hold You accountable.

It’s that integrity we anchor our souls in today.

You called us out of sin and defeat into eternal life and blessing. It’s all by your grace through faith.

You offered us hope.

And because we took hold of it, we live greatly encouraged. Because not only do your plans prosper, it is impossible for You to lie.

So, when You declare those belonging to Christ are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise—we bank on it.

We are righteous by faith and blessed in every way.

As prisoners of hope, our souls anchor firmly and securely in certain hope. And no matter what our situations look like—we will not be shaken.

It’s in your Word made flesh, Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Prayer inspired by Hebrews 6:19.

Here at Vine Life Faith, we pray God’s Word to enjoy God’s will because His Word contains the words He’s obligated to. While we pray inspired by a particular verse, the prayer references multiple verses as the Lord leads. Please share this prayer with those who need it and if it blesses you or someone you know—say so in the comments. God bless you!