You Feel It in Your Bones

“You keep holding it in, but you have to let it out because it’s rotting your bones!”

I said those words to a loved one battling a serious illness, while also battling the sorrows in her soul. Pain so deep she tried for years to make sense of it and find relief, but only ends up rehearsing the wounds inflicted by others.

And I know what it’s like to nurse pain in secret, keeping it from my offenders because I thought they wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t care, or wouldn’t acknowledge their part—never realizing the harm I caused myself.

But Jesus knew.

And He stopped my “regularly scheduled programming” to write it out—to pen the poison as well as His prescription, because He came so I could live a full, whole life.

He came for you too.

We're strong and capable, but somewhere along the line we bought into the nonsense that strong means silent.