Because It’s Worth Repeating

In a world (a country, a state, a city, an encounter) where we’re SHOUTING to be heard…

…what’s the purpose of conversation?
conversation graphicWhen will shouting and blaming give way to sincere dialogue??? When are we going to realize WE ALL BLEED RED?

JESUS, we need your WISDOM!  May we ask You for it, so we can receive it in abundance (see James 1:5)!  Amen.

JESUS is With You

When you’re afraid, or you tell a lie, or you fall into temptation, it’s probably because you’re more aware of the people and circumstances confronting you, than the Lord who is with you.

Faith is a knowing beyond the five senses.

When you KNOW Jesus is so very near, even in you—believer—by His Spirit, you fear no one and no thing.  You’re truly FREE!

God is for us



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