Hi! I’m Vanessa, an inspirational content creator who authors books, writes blogs, and designs t-shirts that inform, encourage and inspire. I’m also a physician in two fields of medicine who gave it all up to stay home and raise my children.

But if you ask me who I am, I’ll tell you I’m a passionate girl from the Bronx who fell in love with Jesus. Vision and determination took me far, but His grace is the only reason I’ve done anything that matters.

And that’s what I write about here. The goodness of Jesus to those who trust in Him, even when the journey makes no sense—like trading in yesterday’s prescription pad for a keyboard today!

I do this cheered on by my husband, and our three children, Jesus’ sweetest expressions of grace to me. After traveling the country as a military family, we’re now retired and call the Houston area home.

Quite the journey for this girl from the Bronx.

On to the good stuff…


Want to reach me? Send me an email.

10 thoughts on “Meet Vanessa

  1. My name is Linda. I recently read your book Vanessa; Daddy’s Girl Forever. This book intrigued me so much, because some things you said I have experienced in my life. The part your father not being their for you when hurting for so many years, I experienced that too. I’m still learning how to let my lord and Savior hold my hand through good and bad times. As I read your book over and over, I know it will help me trust in my daddy too. Thank you for writing it and please write more.

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