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Embark on a powerful journey to reassess what defines you.

You’re not defined by your figure, your follower count or your father’s absence. You’re more than that. DADDY’s Girl Forever: The Devotional shows you the complete picture—from God’s perspective. Conversational in style, each day contains bite-sized truths mixed with personal stories, exploring how God sees you, what He says about you, and all He’s given you in Jesus.

Live confident God is with you, He is for you and His plans for you are good!



The Book That Started It All!

Is the little girl in you longing for the assurance only a daddy can give?

Vanessa knows, personally and professionally, the crippling effects of a physically/emotionally absent father on his adult daughter’s self-perception and social interactions. She’s also discovered God’s heart for women and how precious we are to Him.

In this book, you’ll discover how to move past the limits of your relationship with your father and find your footing in the ultimate DADDY-daughter relationship with God.


What readers are saying…



Daddy’s Girl Forever: Come Home to the Truth About God’s Heart Towards You by Vanessa A. Harris is a successful approach to revealing God’s love through His grace and sacrifice to be in relationship with us. Vanessa attacks common aberrant beliefs about working to be good enough, comparing ourselves to others, and who our source is in a personally penetrating way. But what I’m most impressed by is not just her vulnerability and willingness to share her testimony but her wholeness. By seeing herself as He sees her, she’s able to trust, discern, give and forgive. That is true freedom. Selah!
Thank you for sharing your story. I pray it helps many. I will be purchasing copies for my Daddy’s girls.


I recently read your book Vanessa; Daddy’s Girl Forever. This book intrigued me so much, because some things you said I have experienced in my life. The part your father not being there for you when hurting for so many years, I experienced that too. I’m still learning how to let my lord and Savior hold my hand through good and bad times. As I read your book over and over, I know it will help me trust in my daddy too. Thank you for writing it and please write more.


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