A Bird of a Different Feather

I recently came across a blog slamming stay at home moms as lazy and irresponsible. The piece begged a response, but I decided to stay seated and enjoy my meal (high-five for that word in season, Jesus)!  Then I thought about the culture’s view of my passion: prioritizing children and family as the Lord leads.  How is it that “I stand therefore,” on controversial issues like putting children before career?

Then it hit me, like one of those “aha” moments Oprah’s always talking about.  It was all those childhood and young adulthood years of going against the grain. Being generally respected and spoken well of, yet ostracized for not blindly following the crowd. It’s never been my intention to stand out.  I much prefer fading into the background.  

It turns out, you only stand out when you stand for something.

Apron on, standing in my pantry, the Holy Spirit whispered the answer, “You stand because you’ve always been counter-culture.”  You mean what I’d interpreted as affliction, God used as preparation?  Cue the water works! Oh yes, I teared up, because it meant none of it was random; the isolation, though lonely, had purpose.  All of it prepared me for this season.

odd one out

In these last and increasingly intolerable days, people pleasing and ‘going along to get along’ doesn’t cut it. The world needs to SEE a people loved by a living Savior.  However you’re called, by His grace, LOVINGLY and GRACIOUSLY stand out, unashamedly LIVING for Jesus, following however He leads!



Thanks for reading my post.  I hope you’re encouraged!
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Encourages women to move past the limits of their relationships with their fathers to find identity, acceptance, and unconditional love in the ultimate DADDY-daughter relationship with God.


  1. So true that we often slam each other instead of encouraging one another. I love how you shared all of those moments were purposeful!
    Thank you. What GOD has taught you is blessing us all!

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  2. And to think that I honestly thought people didn’t think that way about SAHM anymore…Let me get my head out of the sand for a minute.

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    1. The post did surprise me, considering the increasing numbers of SAHMs. Turns out that is what the author found offensive, being more concerned about us contributing tax dollars toward government services than reinforcing the family – the basic building block of society and the fabric that holds it together. My issue isn’t with the author’s opinion, but the expressed contempt toward SAHMs.

      Thanks for sharing, Xara!


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