Go For It!

Tamar Braxton got fired from ‘The Real.’

You don’t need to know this ‘singer in her own right’ younger sister of R&B legend, Toni Braxton, or the “talk show” she co-hosted, to relate to claims of betrayal.  She asserts her firing came about by actions of persons she considered, and spoke of, as friends.  She tweeted the following to her fans, “But know that every one who smiles in your face is NOT your friend and is NOT cheering for you and will LIE and try and tear u down to TRY and dim your light.”

And I thought, we all know a thing or two about that.  Celebrity or commoner, we’ve all been hurt by people who said they were on our team.  So the question is not if it happens, but how to respond in these situations?

Hey Tamar, if the light you refer to is Jesus, then no one can dim it.
Don’t get bitter, girl.
Let Jesus make it better!!!

Can I tell you why I’m thankful for Jesus?!  He not only loves us more than anyone else could, He knows the human experience (see Hebrews 2:17). Acquainted with our griefs and sorrows, it’s safe to say, He knows something about the closest hurting us the most.   Ahem – Judas, Peter.

And Jesus, being God, can skillfully heal our hurts, moving us past those points of pain. To even work them together for our good, keeping us free from bitterness.  Just open up and let Him have it.

As Restorer, He encourages us with this reminder, “You’re as much a blessing to people as they are to you.”  Touched by those words of grace, we can take the leap.  Risking again, expecting the best.  After all, the Lord is with us.

So, what do you say?  Let’s go for it!





Thanks for reading my post.  I hope you’re encouraged!
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  1. Wow so I don’t really follow Tamar but did hear about her being off the show. I was not clear that she was fired. Although not a fan of hers by far (Just too dramatic for my particular taste) I do pray that she finds peace and not let this thing eat at her spirit and become toxic!

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    1. I share your sentiment, Chanel. That headline was merely a springboard to a discussion on feelings of betrayal experienced by all (even our Lord Jesus when He walked the earth), encouraging us look to Jesus for perspective and healing.

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