Day 3: When You Can’t Bear It, Lean

When people can’t bear with you, they cut you off.

But when you’re burdened and can’t bear life, the Father lifts you up and rests you on the Burden-bearer. JESUS bore your sin and shame so you could bear evidence of His life.


Tired of existing fruitless? Lean on Jesus.

Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away… John 15:2a, KJV


NOTE: Day 3 is from the 31-day devotional by Vine Life Faith. Your complimentary copy of the devotional is available for download.


  1. Thank you very much for this post. I currently started a new job with long hours. It has been difficult to do all that I must do during the week. I simply come home and passe out after work. I already have called out twice and arrived late once. The time absent from work was very necessary., but I do not think my employer and supervisors would understand or care. I do feel burdened. I know God is in control.

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    1. He sure is in control, LaShea. Pour out your heart to Him because He cares. And He’ll give you wisdom going forward and favor with whomever you need favor.

      I’m glad this encouraged you. Thank you for sharing.


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