You Have It Too Good

Plumping the pillow atop crisp sheets, I remember my husband’s recent complaint about his pillow.  I’ve bought so many types of pillows over the years, yet comfort eludes him. I admit I’m over trying to hit that moving target.

“He has it too good.”  The re-phrasing of my dad’s infamous words spilled out without my permission.  Funny how that happens as you get older.

Daddy said it when we complained about a luxury, instead of appreciating sufficiency.  It’s understandable.  Growing up in the Caribbean’s ‘Emerald Isle’, he knew about making do with a lot less, yet enjoying life.

While we tend to expect comfort in the abundance of things, sometimes all we have is an abundance of things.

Oh, but if you trust in Jesus, you do have it too so good.  You belong to the God of exceeding, abundantly, who meets and exceeds needs, honoring faith in His Son’s perfect sacrifice.  In Christ Jesus we find sufficiency and luxury, and by His wisdom, even the sweetest of sleep.


When you lie down, you will not be afraid; Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet.   Proverbs 3:24



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