A Tween’s Revelation of Love

Some things may fail, but God's love will never.

by J.K. Harris

If I could be rich and famous,
but did not love others I did nothing to gain this.
Hope, Faith, Love: those are 3 things that will last forever.
Some things may fail, but God’s love will never.

Love is patient and kind.
Love can open up the eyes of the blind.
True love is not human attraction,
true love is us and God’s interaction.

We’re not supposed to put down one another.
We are God’s gift, He gave us each other.
Love is like the sun giving life to the grass.
It’s putting others first, not putting others last.

We are meant to be together.
No matter good or bad, no matter the weather.
Other people might try to hate us,
but in the end, LOVE is the greatest.


J.K. Harris is our oldest child, soon to be 13. My husband and I are grateful God chose us to raise this young man. I’m grateful I’ve been home to raise him all these years, to see what God is doing in him, even when I don’t understand. He is a creative: a budding screenwriter, songwriter, and poet. He is a joy and a blessing. In honor of his upcoming milestone, I’m honored to share this piece.  


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